Organise Your
Machine Learning

  • For product managers and data science leaders
  • Create more value with your data products
  • Processes you can apply through the whole lifecycle of product creation
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What You'll Find Inside

Proven methods to build machine learning products

Discover Value

  • How to engage with stakeholders in your business about data
  • Understand how to frame business problems in terms of machine learning.

Launch Fast

  • Why do you have to build a Minimum Viable Machine Learning Product?
  • How to build a cross-functional product team and manage smooth communication

Improve Iteratively

  • Decide on your next features based on real user feedback
  • Detailed instructions and processes to update and deploy your models regularly
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Laszlo Sragner

Laszlo Sragner

Founder @ Hypergolic

Laszlo has 15 years of experience with Machine Learning products working in finance, mobile gaming and lately at a London FinTech company providing market intelligence to Investment Banks.

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

Partner @ Hypergolic

Chris has 10 years of experience in FinTech product management, building products for the world's largest banks at Broadridge and recently as Head of Product at Arkera.

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